No drama, no traffic and never crowed atmosphere!

Quiet, private backyard barn.

-Bathroom on site

-Wash stalls coming 

-No extra charges for blankets on/off/being switched

-No extra charges to soak feed if needed, or adding supplements/meds that you provide.

-Grass & Dirt rotational paddocks

-Quality 2nd cut hay and grain

-Fresh clean water daily, buckets scrubbed regularly. 

-Large, Lit, Well maintained riding arena with full course of jumps. We also have barrels !

-Gate to direct trail access and we're on the cathedral pines county park.

-Standing for vet and farrier available at no cost. 

- 24/7 turnout weather permitting or at owners discretion. blankets on/off no extra charge

What is available
- One 4 stall barn , 4th stall for small horse or to be used as feed room
- 1 Run in shed with attatched paddocks set up for 1-2 horses

Rough Board
you provide all of your horses feed & supplies

-Run in shed;  $500 a month for two horses rough, $300 for one horse. I feed/water no extra charge.  If you need me to clean certain days $ can be discussed. You provide all horses feed and supplies, you clean.

Semi Board 
Semi board means you provide all of your horses feed & supplies

- $350  I feed/water/turnout and bring in and I clean 3 days a week. You clean the other 4days. 

- $300 same as above but you clean daily

-$400 semi full you provide all feed/supplies and the horse is cared for as full board. 

Full Board

Hay 3-5x a day, grain fed twice a day. 

 If your horse needs more grain than we feed, you have the option to pick it up yourself as needed, or board can increase accordingly. 

Full board $675 

Layup horses get handwalked as per vet instructions and wrap changes and hosing. $800+ if they can't be turned out as they will need/go through more shavings and need more hay to keep busy.

-All day hay and 6-8qts of grain/day $775+ a month.

Feed is not cheap these days. Prices reflect costs accordingly. We do not skimp on quality or quantity here ! if you want a healthy horse, $500 board doesn't cut it ! I'd be happy to show you the math! =)

We do not have an indoor  but the quality of feed and care cannot be surpassed at these prices. 

 You may bring your own vet/farrier or use ours.

 Trainers are welcome for a small ring fee. 

Lessons are available to our boarders at discounted rates and we offer exercise programs to those needed.  

Individual turnout unless you have your own pair, or small group of horses to board that can go out together. Grass grazing pastures that are rotated throughout the seasons. 

On the trails and cathedral pines park.

 We also offer a large, lit, sand riding arena that is well maintained with a full course of jumps always changing.

 We also welcome western riders, and have barrels. 

We have a few picnic areas (in the sun, and in the shade) and a refrigerator . Plenty of parking and room for a trailer if you have.

 Too much more to list. If you are looking for a quiet place with no traffic to enjoy and get your horse thee best care available, this is your place. Now accepting applications for board .

Your horses care and you happiness is first on our list! 

Horses are well cared for and treated as if our own.